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Big V is for Victory

Founded in 2008, Via factum has been steadily growing in terms of staff and revenue. Today, there are 39 employees with realized revenues between HRK 12,000,000.00 and HRK 16,000,000.00, which is conditioned by the market, so with total capacities the company is able to generate significantly higher revenues of approximately HRK 30,000,000.00.

Our aim is to expand into the markets of neighboring countries and to become a major partner in the water utility infrastructure business with domestic companies. Through the years of affirmation of the company great emphasis was placed on hiring experts with experience and thus we became a company that covers all areas of the above mentioned jobs. In our previous business as a company, we have achieved significant references, which enables us to participate in all tenders for these jobs.

Structure of Company

The total number of employees is 39, of which 30 are engineers, 5 technicians, secretaries and three board members.

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